Fitzgerald was right. Home is in the hands of your loved one.” – W. D. Michael De’Angelis.

Welcome, my name is W. D. Michael De’Angelis.

How did it all start?

Well, it all started with one simple idea. My beloved, so to put it, was the inspiration behind it. She had a lovely, gorgeous diary of which inspired me to write more, so I could feel her writing as well. I wanted her to write more, and I was hoping to be inspired even more, whenever I would get to see her write. Her name? Well, F. S. Sun. A great academic, a great writer, and the greatest future wife I can ask for.

The reason as to why I started writing, long ago, is due to making a promise. I was raised in a manner of ways that is quite odd, per se. I never much got to have a childhood, and as such, majority of my time was spent with books, writing and studying. So eventually, my own mentor had me promise to keep on writing. And as such, I did. Though, as all tales go, happiness does not always last. My mentor eventually disappeared, leaving no trace of herself, and I suddenly stopped. It has been almost 4 years ever since.

And although it still hurts, I continue to write. I intend to make history, and I will not give up until I’ve done so. That, is my legacy. Now, here’s a little bit about myself!

I’m an European writer, and a traveler. I partake in writing poetry, books, journals, blog posts and sometimes online content.

I do writing, because I was raised as one. I was raised by a mentor, who helped me pick up the skills and talents I had.

So far, I have finished college. I’ve traveled a lot, and learned a good set of languages, and are currently working with publishing a few books.

After work, I tend to relax with my partner, and also tend to write or play a few games to get some inspiration. Usually listen to music, too.


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